Invest In People

Invest the money spent on war instead in people and see how peaceful the world would become.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Escalating War

Failed leaders escalate wars with more troops and weaponry in a vain attempt to "win," although defeat is actually what they're trying to avoid. Defeat is simply postponed, but at a far higher price.

With Love Zto All ~ Dick


War Escalation

Rather than admit defeat, some defeated nations escalate a war, sacrificing ever more soldiers and resources in a growing spiral of tragedy.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Bake Sales

May some day the military industrial complex become so starved for cash, that it is forced to conduct bake sales, as the educational system does now.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Peace Profits

If the profits in peace equaled the profits in war, this would be a far more peaceful world.

With Love To All ~ Dick



Superiority among people lives within those wise enough to know there is none.

With Love To All ~ Dick



Threats persuade no-one of anything, they bring only fear.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Expressions Of Peace

A kind word and a warm smile are expressions of peace so powerful, that they can begin to uplift the world.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Finding Peace Within.

You must first find peace within yourself before you can offer it to others. This is true of nations as well.

With Love To All ~ Dick


"A Successful Nuclear Strike"

"A successful nuclear strike" are foolish words that become no wiser in their frequent use.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Fight Fire With Fire

Fight fire with fire and all that will,remain are the charred lives of the survivors.

With Love To All ~ Dick



Refugees are often victims of war, and should be welcomed, not feared, as they bring their hopes and dreams and strong work ethic to a new land.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Seizing Power

“But they can rule by fraud, and by fraud eventually acquire access to the tools they need to finish the job of killing off the Constitution.'

'What sort of tools?'


Constitutional Protections

Constitutional protections are meaningless unless enforced in war and peace,

With Love To All ~ Dick


The Greatest Victory

No victory is as great as when you make your enemy your friend.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Military Maneuvers

Military maneuvers are often the first response when one country offends another rather than resolving differences amicably, which would be the response of the wise.

With Love To All ~ Dick


A Nuclear Arsenal

We have a nuclear arsenal to keep us safe, as do many other nations to keep them safe. How do these horrific weapons keep anyone safe, when on a moment's notice, we can use them on each other?

With Love To All ~ Dick


Civilized People

We view ourselves as civilized people, yet if we are, then why are we always fighting wars?

With Love To All ~ Dick


A "Religious War"

A "religious war" is illogical for why would any God destroy His own creations using other of His creations?

With Love To All ~ Dick


Dying For One's Country

No-one dies for one's country, but is sacrificed by its leaders for what is hoped to be, but seldom is, for the greater good.

With Love To All ~ Dick



Wisdom comes from experience, and with wars, wisdom tells us the victors are those that don't fight them.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Thou Shalt Not Kill

Thou shalt not kill is a moral imperative, not a random thought discarded to fight wars.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Good and Evil

Good and evil lives within each of us Which predominates is often which is nurtured and rewarded.

With Love To All ~ Dick


The Path Of Love

The path of love blesses everyone it encounters and welcomes all to join on its noble way.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Surrender Your Heart

Surrender your heart to all that is beautiful and you will discover a depth of love for all of life.

With Love To All ~ Dick