To Make The World A Better Place

If you want to make the world a better place, start with yourself and set an example that others will envy and copy.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Bringing Peace To The World

How can you bring peace to the world if you cannot find it in yourself.

With Love To All ~ Dick


US Foreign Policy

US foreign policy and US military policy are now one. As humanity it is up to us to rise to this deadly challenge.

With Love To All ~ Dick


The Biggest Enemies Of Peace

The biggest enemies of peace are war and indifference. As peacemakers, we must overcome both.

With Love To All ~ Dick


As A Peacemaker

As a peacemaker, may your sword be nonviolence and your shield be love.

With  Love To All ~ Dick


Talking Heads

Despite the many talking heads on television, the best source of information is your own research.

With Love To All ~ Dick


May Peace Be With You

May peace always be with you and be shared everywhere you go.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Let Peace Begin With You

Let peace begin with you, and express it each day by your actions.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Peace Is Inevitable

Peace is inevitable because the alternative is our own annihilation. The question is, how many more wars must we fight before we figure this out.

With Love To All ~ Dick



 A single act is worth far more than a ton of words.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Bringing Peace To The World

No-one ever brought peace to the world who didn’t first find it within him or herself.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Never Do Anything Against Conscience

Never do anything against conscience
even if the state demands it.
- Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) (Preeminent Physicist, Peace Activist)



It is hypocritical of a government to condemn gang violence while itself committing violence all over the world.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Respecting Others

We must respect the differences we have with others, and find ways short of violence to resolve them.

With Love To All - Dick

If this approach had been applied prior to World War l, it would not have been fought, and Adolf Hitler would not have come into power. There would not have been a World War ll.


The Decision To Wage War

If the decision to wage war is placed solely in one person, history tells us there will be war.

With Love To All ~ Dick



Security comes from within, not from weapons and not from violence.

With Love To All ~ Dick


An Economy Based Upon Military Spending

An economy based upon military spending will lead to repetitive wars and financial destruction for no tax base can indefinitely absorb the cost.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Military Strikes

Military strikes don’t bring peace, they bring death and distruction.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Peace Begins Within

Peace begins within, when you believe it is possible.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Don't Lose Faith

You must not lose faith in humanity.
Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,
the ocean does not become dirty.
- Gandhi (1869 - 1948) (Preeminent Peace Leader)


The Search For Peace

The search for peace is deeply personal, but takes on even greater meaning when it is shared with others also searching for peace.

With Love To All ~ Dick


The Bigger The Military

The bigger the military, the greater the drain on public resources, and eventually the bigger the threat to the nation.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Bringing Peace To The World

You cannot bring peace to the world, without first finding peace in yourself.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Inner Peace

No one can find inner peace except by working,
not in a self-centered way, but for the whole human family.
- Peace Pilgrim (1908 - 1981) (Inspired Peace Leader)


Finding Blame

Finding blame is the surest path to creating enemies and avoiding peace.

With Love To All ~ Dick