Preventing War

“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.”

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) (Preeminent Physicist, Peace Activist)



We as taxpayers can fund a massive military or fund an extensive health care system for everyone. We can’t afford both. Which priority would you select?

With Love To All ~ Dick


The Profits Of War

The profits of war are often massive, the profits of peace appear nonexistent. Until we take the profits out of war, war will be with us.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Change Begins With The Few

That the vast majority of people take no action to bring peace doesn’t excuse you and me  Change always begins with the few who are bold enough to act.

With Love To All ~ Dick



The only thing in this world that lasts is love. Everything else is impermanent.

With Love To All ~ Dick


It's Easier To Bomb

It is so much easier to bomb a school bus of children in hate and anger than it is to sit down, chat and try to solve wars so that all families can feel safe, fed and no longer terrified.

A Quote from my friend and writer Mary Ellen Schesser
With Love To All - Dick


The Price Of Indifference

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
Plato (Preeminent Ancient Greek Philosopher)


The Most Powerful Force

Love is the most powerful force for peace, violence the most destructive.

With Love To All ~ Dick


A Great Leader

A great leader shares a great vision and convinces others they too are a part of that vision. Never are decisions arbitrary or exclusionary.

With Love To All ~ Dick


The World Will Find Peace

The world will find peace when people find peace within themselves. You and I can set an excellent example.

With Love To All ~ Dick


The Weakest Of Nations

The weakest of nations are those that make the loudest of threats.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Your Attitude

Your attitude opens the world to peace and benevolence or closes it in fear and hatred.

With Love To All ~ Dick


May Goodness Be Your Guide

My goodness be your guide and forgiveness live in your soul.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Peace Within

Each day, may you find evermore peace within.

With Love To All ~ Dick



Threats are frightening and demeaning to others, and lead us far from the path of peace.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Who Can Offer Peace

Who can offer peace, but one who has first found it in him or herself.

With Love To All ~ Dick


The Greatest Victory

The greatest victory in war is not fighting it.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Never Lose Hope

Man has fought wars for as long as he has existed, but mankind has never been more advanced than it is today. Never lose hope that wiser human beings can finally initiate peace on earth.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Due Process Of Law

The shortest distance to dictatorship or anarchy is the suspension of the due process of law.

With Love To All ~ Dick



A nation may proclaim its soldiers to be heroes, but to what extent are they heroes if that nation doesn’t honor its promise of medical benefits to them.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Peace Within Yourself

If you can find peace within yourself, you have begun to find peace in the world.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Your Voice

You spoke and the US changed its horrible policy of taking away immigrant children from their immigrant families and imprisoning them. Please continue to speak for the well-being of all humanity. Your voice matters.

With Love To All ~ Dick



There are none so poor as nations that have no benevolence for those in need.

With Love To All ~ Dick


The PowerOf A Nation

The power of a nation can be measured by the number of allies it creates rather than by the amount of armament it builds.

With Love To All ~ Dick


Immigrant Children

When immigrant children are seized from their parents and incarcerated, it is a measure of the depravity a fearful nation will sink to as it pretends it can hide from the world.

With Love To All ~ Dick